Data Collection Event

To be announced

Join us for a one-of-a-kind music experience that is tailored to your preferences with the assistance of AI and an array of sensors.

Our goal is to deliver a truly unique performance, which is why we will collect data from various sensors, such as thermal cameras and seismographs, prior to the show. Following the regular DJ performances, the AI-assisted set will begin based on the data we collect.

If you are unable to attend the event in person, don't worry - we will be live-streaming it. We take your privacy seriously, so we will be blurring the crowd and obscuring faces to ensure your safety.

After the event, we will present the dataset, which will be free for all to access and will not include personal information. We will collect data from the crowd's Spotify accounts prior to the event, and then analyze how individuals respond to different types of music. Our dataset will include music features, track collections, and crowd attributes, such as the average coefficient of movement per person. Additionally, we will include thermal camera recordings, with blurred faces, of the event for analysis.

Line up

  • TBA

Event rules

  • Concentrate on music, put your phone down.
  • Event is live-streamed. /\/ scroll down for details
  • Dress as you want.
  • No flashlights.
  • We are all equal. /\/ Zero tolerance for Fights, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.
  • 21+ there are numerous ways to spend one's youth

Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and this website.

  • Thermal camera with obscured faces
  • Blurred crowd
  • Visuals
  • Data collection process
  • WebSocket endpoint with audio and crowd analysis data for geeky people

This is the data that we will publish after the event to the public.
Dataset won't include any personal information, such as faces, names, etc.


  • Track features
    (tempo, key, rms, etc.)
  • Crowd activity factors
    (movement coefficient per person, number of persons on the stage)
  • Thermal camera recordings with obscured faces

The link to dataset will be published on this website after the event.